January 01, 2017


Many have written wise things about this year already; it feels like almost everything is said about the many who have left us, about the state the world is in and all the heartbreak, we've have collectively experienced. Maybe it is good to keep our breath, which I seem to keep repeating constantly, for a moment and then roll up those sleeves and make 2017 better. All together.

Happy New Year to all of you!

P.S. While writing this yesterday, my Computer crashed in the middle of it. In the last hours of that rollercoaster called 2016, it has caught a nasty virus and will have to go to a specialist by tomorrow morning. 2017 can't be anything else, but much better than the year we have just left behind. I mean it.


  1. Hi Annton! I'm feeling very positive about 2017. I know it will be a wonderful year. It started quietly for me, but quiet is good. I hope you got your computer back! xox

    1. Yes dear, the computer is back. Unfortunately the quietness it gone though, but I am trying to keep my head up high here and enjoy the little things xo