July 07, 2015

queen of colors

As promised, I am back. And to be honest, it didn't feel like real absence after all. On the other hand, so much has happened since last Tuesday, it might have been as well weeks. First of all, the big day, last Friday, things went good. Very good, in fact. I will tell you all the details in an entire post on Thursday, if you are interested. Just so much, I was able to accomplish everything I was aiming for. And a little more. So, this has been a great experience.

Other than that, life in the Fishbowl is still a bit crazy. We have lost our washing machine, only days after our oven broke down, we have been listening to some heartbreaking stories around the hood, received a huge dose of love from others and unfortunately, last but not least, Emma had to have a sudden operation today. She obviously cut her paw a while ago, the vet reckons a week or ten days, and she didn't 'say' a thing. Today we've noticed, she was licking herself intensively and found some serious inflammation between her claws. The rest was anesthesia and a knocked out dog. Come tomorrow, she will be a lot better and be running again in no time, but today the exhausted blonde bundle, curled up silently on the studio couch, simply brings me to tears.

Therefore, the husband and I will need a big bowl of pasta tonight and a big glass of red wine. And Emma between us, to cuddle her.

I'll see you on Thursday. Until then, take even more of this delicious summer in.



  1. oh no, I hope she gets better soon. keep us posted xo

  2. she does already, but she is terribly miserable. no woods, no lake, no friends having fun with. poor thing... xo