May 04, 2015

queen of colors

Things are looking much brighter around here this Monday. And after last week's little rampage, I can tell you, that some of the drama has been solved. Not all is done yet, unfortunately some burned fields have been left behind, but we're moving forward. Thank you so much, for all the lovely words and the support. It might sound cheesy, but your words have really and truly helped me.

Other than that, we have survived the anual revolution in the hood. First of May had been incredibly crowded, but much smoother than the years before. While the masses were passing the Fishbowl, I did manage to work a lot in the studio. My new secret weapon (probably not that much of a secret, but relatively new to me) against a mind too full for painting, is listening to podcasts. My favourite so far is Strangers by Lea Thau. I could follow that voice and the stories for hours.

And finally, our Sunday ended with a lovely wine tasting on the street. It looks like summer has overrun spring this year and right now, I actually like it.

Have a wonderful first week of May.


  1. dear YOU
    the new dc theme is up
    i am hosting
    are you in?


  2. thank YOU for your sweet comment on my FRIDA-post
    and i had to think of you for several reasons
    while thinking about and making my tribute to FRIDA
    i wanted it to be colorful and happy
    because, like you, that is the way i like to see her
    and i got a smile when i found out that she had a
    deep, rebellious, voice punctuated by belly laughs
    the image of her and her friend made it complete
    i think you are the only one
    who saw and mention that

    wishing you a fine week

    1. wishing the same to you, dear patrice. let's laugh a lot! xx