April 30, 2015

a night at the playground

The moon, muted noises, some light and the absence of it; a vast area somewhere between the unknown and purpose. Last night I was invited to an art show, what I did find was an adventure (as you can tell, I did forget my camera. Which was partly sad, but maybe a blessing as well.) in the middle of this crowded city. And I have found tiny stories; of a drunken Swedish painter, a young couple sharing their love by sharing their food with strangers, there were forgotten trees in broken pots, a filmset that was not and a tiny house, almost entirely made of glass. After spending a couple of hours walking around and letting myself float, it almost felt like have rediscovered a huge piece of my self. 

*If you are in the mood for some adventure yourself and if you happen to be in Berlin, don't miss your chance to drive out to Fahrbereitschaft and look at their amazing setting.

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