March 13, 2015

hidden delights and new tracks

This might not look like a lot, but people who know me or who are painters themself, they'll see the greatness in it for sure. Instantely. One of my neighbors has been clearing out her studio over the last days and made me the new owner of a good bunch of amazing canvases. And I am talking huge canvases. While some need to be stretched with fresh linen cloth, others are only demanding for a new coat of white primer. I am looking like a desaster, dirty and stained all over, but I am in heaven. And my mind is going crazy with yet to be painted new images.

Other than that, the wall above my writing desk has undergone some serious changes lately. Usually a reliable sign for new paths and of more, of bigger changes to come. Though I am not really sure what it means at this point, I am pretty excited already. No matter the outcome, it is good to move along, don't you think?

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  1. it's the way to go for you, and it sounds exciting, to say the least. enjoy your white heaven... n♥

  2. It sounds like you are really in heaven! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! xo

  3. super!! great images, lots of energy in the air at your place, x

  4. as i said on facebook
    i love what you show
    and understand the heaven part ;^))

    i love the imges you show in the second pisture
    the dreaming blue and water
    the fine road between the mountains...

    1. I knew you might, as artists we do. right?! the images are new found loves of mine. we will see where they'll lead...

  5. yeah. so excited about the news :)