February 04, 2015

over painted

Sometimes I will linger around a painting for days, sometimes for months, going back and forth with actually going nowhere. Today I have found out, it takes courage to step back and grab that brush and say No. It doesn't work. And then, with wide and strong strokes, you have to simply paint it over. No accuracy, but a quick moment of determination. No thinking either. The parts that are feeling weird, have to go. You're right, I have done it a million times before, but it took me ages to finally understand it to this extend. Only today, I have understood the special power in it.

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  1. Lovely mouth, beautiful colour. Wanna see more of her!!!

    1. soon Joke, soon. I am already back on it!

  2. that takes guts, I agree. hut ab!

  3. not as much as watching yourself on television. me being brave is pretty small today :-(