December 07, 2014

full moon rising

Blame it on the moon, on the season or, even more possible, on my habit of finishing work usually at the latest minute. Actually, I went to bed last night, better today at six o'clock in the morning. Getting up again at ten, only four hours later. And now, I am sitting here, hardly able to keep my eyes open. But I am happy and have enjoyed every second of this ride; the silence in our street, drinking wine and working on the Foodthoughts Calendar. I have not only made it through the night, but the calendar is finally finished and it will be launched by Tuesday. From that moment on, it will be available worldwide and in selected Berlin shops. I love how it looks and am pretty excited to present it to you. Have the most wonderful Sunday night. See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. and there it is :) where are you going to sell it? your own shop?