September 21, 2014

speed limit days

We are sick in the Fishbowl. Both, the husband and I, are down with some nasty virus. And I have to say, he catched the worst it seems. All coughing, little sleep and dark circles around the eyes. Some days I was pretty worried, watching him so pale and so weak. Poor man. At some point, even Emma's nose was dripping. Something I have learned since living with a dog, it is very common to pass viruses back and forth between humans and animals. So, we're kind of down here. Though we did manage to attend the most important appointments, the husband did even go to work for three days, I have to admit, I feel a bit cranky and blocked. Things were running pretty nice lately and now we're forced to lay down and to come up with a good dose patience. Not being able to really think or even move, is rather painful, when your head seems to explode with ideas and the lists, you have planned to knock off, are not getting any shorter. Yes, I know, life is like this sometimes. And I am also aware, luckily we're not talking about serious health issues. So I guess, all I can do right now, is to go back to bed, grab another book and let the day have its own speed. Have a great Sunday out there, I promise to come back with a lighter head and a smile. The sunflower on my nightstand seems like a good starter. 

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  1. oh no. I hope you feel better soon. I came down with a cold too. so all the best from one sicko to another :) xoxo