September 29, 2014

queen of colors

After almost a week in bed, there are only so many pictures shot. Quick documentary images, symbols only. But still, the light has changed. I am back and this Monday has been one of the most amazing Mondays in a long time. My mind is spinning from yet another meeting. What a bliss to go into coorperation with highly motivated and respectful people. The next step for our show next year. I am so, so excited. And, today we've discovered that our neighbor is a producer of the sweetest little videos. She is already booked and will shoot an image film about the project. Strike. She lives next door, who would have guessed.

On a totally different level, we got an absolutely precious gift today. Yesterday it seemed, it had already gone to another person. When today though, I got an email saying: "You can pick it up, as the other person didn't want it in the end." We have a sparkling new mattress in our bedroom now. Thick, cosy and a dream to lie on. As I've said, the most amazing Monday. Let's wish for more great to come. For all of us.


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