September 01, 2014

queen of colors

Within a week the scenery has completely changed. Starting with a lot of sunshine and an early morning meeting last Monday. And then, all drizzels and grey skies today. Another meeting, but quite a dose of Fall feeling to it. It is alway a bit sad to say Goodbye to the last summer signs, and actually it probably won't be over for some more warm days, but to be honest, I am looking forward to this September. There will be much more time in the studio. Berlin will host all those exciting art fairs. And we are going to dive deeper into the preparations of a nice little November show. Of course, more meetings for the big show next year, are on the menu too. So, everybody is full of energy in the Fishbowl. How about you? Whatever you have planned for the cooler days, I am wishing you a great week for starters.



  1. sounds great. I will miss fall. at least the early days of it. happy tuesday xo

    1. at least the grass isn't greener any more ;-) xx