September 15, 2014

queen of colors

This is probably not the most innovative insight, but Holy Canneloni, time is running lately. Another Queen of Colors, meaning another week has past and we're already right into next one. Although we all seem to seek balance and are talking a lot, about the healthy speed of doing one thing at a time. It just happens so often. Our lifes are packed and colorful. And sometimes faster, than we are for our selfs. I'll take it, as long as it is good stuff buzzing around my head. And last week it was all buzzing delightfully. A studio dinner, an Open Studio and the discovery of figs, marinated in spicy orange juice. I have received the nicest of emails, met the smartest of people and I was able to tell some egocentrics to mind their own business. In a friendly and respectful way. Feels pretty good to me. What did you like about your last week?



  1. haha, sounds like a great one.

    what i liked about my week just passed it the returned feeling of being fully awake. ;)

    1. being fully awake, like standing firm on the ground and being? sounds great to me.