May 07, 2014

a lot of water & some chances

It's getting late in the studio, the light is somehow soft and pinkish. I've used a fair amount of paint over the past hours and spilled a lot of water over numerous pages of paper. A happy day for this painteress, so to say. Usually I will try to finish earlier and boil something meaningful in the kitchen, but right now it feels too good to just sit here and watch the daylight slowly disappear. Inhaling the quietness. After all of the turmoil lately, I was super lucky today, catching a very precious spot in a business course for creatives this morning. I know, this can be a bit of a choking topic, but I have actually never believed in the concept of the starving artist. Earning money with art, should be as normal as earning money as a doctor. It still isn't; I know. But making a living with what you're good at and with what you love doing, to me is the biggest freedom. I don't see the integrity of my work being diminished, by the fact that I'll get paid for it. On the contrary, growing a solid foundation always made me feel stronger and more independent. Free to create what I want to and what is meaningful to me. Therefor I am really happy about this chance, to be able to grow, gain knowledge and understanding of how things might work more effective. With that, I am curiously looking forward to the end of May.


  1. amen. should they teach you something of use, please let me know :)

    1. stuff splashed about. yess.

      "Earning money with art, should be as normal as earning money as a doctor." one of the simplest and to-the-point ways of explaining this hot topic.