April 02, 2014

the beautiful ordinary of change

The area in which we live has changed a lot over the years and lately, I am not really sure anymore, what to think about this. For almost six years, we call the Fishbowl our home now. In the beginning, we were almost alone around here. Working, living and loving behind those old shop windows, only a footstep away from the sidewalk. Most of  the other shops were empty and our neighbors worked as cap drivers, hairdressers or they've owned old fashioned imbiss places. Nothing trendy, seldom young people. Of course, the houses have been beautiful already, the rents have been relatively moderate and the Landwehrkanal, an amazing place to be around in summer, gave the area that special kind of feeling that only next to the water areas have. After a while, more and more creative people moved here, the shops opened up; containing sweet cafés, studios or little design companies. And, it was lovely. Very lovely indeed. Lovely though, never stays are secret for long. The area changed even more rapidly, became more crowed by each year. Don't get me wrong, I am totally happy about this growing and raising, and I do love having all these international people around me. Life is change. And it definitely should be like that. But change doesn't stop in front of us either; it seems to be getting harder and harder to relax around here. At least for me. A while ago, we've decided to cover a part of the big windows with foil, as it got quite tricky to follow up routines and to concentrate on our work, while people were passing by or knocking to say "Hi". The foil did help. Then winter came and this helped even more. Since a couple of days, Spring has arrived, with all that comes with it, including open doors and windows. I could never close those, when it would mean to miss the sunshine and this special kind of silky air. Nice weather for the Fishbowl also means, we're having our breaks in front of the studio, on that orange bench, meeting up with friends and drinking coffee. All in all lovely too. And inspiring. After a week of sunny extravaganza though, I feel kind of exhausted and a bit splattered all over the place. When being on my phone with my brother tonight, sitting at my desk, I finally had to quit that call, due to people talking to me from the sidewalk. And now, I am left with the question, is this a matter of drawing even more strict boundaries or have I simply outlived this place? Am I still in love with the Fishbowl or is it time for a change? Or, is it like deep down I already know the answer and am simply not ready for a possible outcome? Life is never a straight path, I guess, and with that in mind I am having dinner and will see what tomorrow might bring.


  1. Es wird Zeit zu neuen Ufern aufzubrechen und dann wird sich auch sicherlich dein Unbehagen auflösen! Sonnige Grüße von Ria

  2. Liebe Ria, ja neue ferne Ufer oder vieleicht eine Flußüberquerung im Inneren. Wir werden sehen... Liebe Grüße und einen guten Wochenstart für dich.