April 21, 2014

queen of colors

As planned the Easter days were spent in a gorgeous blur of nothingness; somewhere between a day enjoyed in my mother-in-law's precious little garden, between a lot of reading and of the most delicious orange cake I have eaten so far. Only a tiny bit of work sneaked in, when we did a little shooting for a friend (which still included a lot of coffee and cake) and when I've cleaned my brushes today, to be ready to get started again by tomorrow. Tomorrow will be exciting anyway. More about that when it is done, as I do have to admit a bit of superstition living in this old heart of mine. So, wish me luck and have a great start into the upcoming week as well.


  1. a belated happy easter wish to you.

    came over from petra's blog... where i replied to a comment made there, by you. with a chanel quote. which sounds a bit cheeky of me. to reply to someone i don't even net-know, on another blogger's comment page.

    anyway, what's done is done. am enjoying your simply beautiful blog! loving the peeks into your home. gorgeous bedroom! oh yes!!!!

    and, have noticed a tread in your blog photography... can't say it properly with the correct photography terms but... you seem to often shot your subject, from above. looking down at it. not "across" at it. which i seem to do all the time.

    very interesting. you are an expert, and i am very much an amateur... but i love to notice the photos of others, and try things out. only way to learn, is to try! thank you.

    (living in the upper north east of the us)

  2. dear tessa, a warm welcome to this place! I have loved you commenting over at Petra's and I absolutely adore this Chanel quote. It fact, I have already borrowed it, because it did fit my current mood so perfectly. thank you for that. about my pictue perspective, first of all, I am no pro in photography, but love doing it. why I using this angle very often, I acrtually don't know. but it is an interesting question... wishing you a lovely Sunday. greetings from Berlin!