April 14, 2014

queen of colors

Is it really possible to start another Queen of Colors like this? Have seven days seriously passed since the last one? Not sure if you're still taking me seriously or if I am starting to bore you, but yes, it has been another crazy, busy and full on week. And to make things look even more ridiculous; Monday night and everybody in the Fishbowl is busy again. Holy Canneloni. I know about the importance of downtime and of taking breaks to recharge those batteries, but how hard it is I am trying, in the moment it is simply not something I can do. The good part of all the buzzing, it makes me feel energetic and motivated and for most of the day, there is that precious flow, we're all gaining at. So, I've decided to go with it for another while, simply work through the piles bit by bit, and appreciate the tiniest moment to catch some breath. Like now, preparing dinner and listening to music, while the husband and I will have another cozy kitchen chat. Take care out there, and if you're busy bees like us, maybe it is fine to just enjoy it.



  1. beautiful pics. and yeah re: busy weeks. better that than the other way around xoxo

    1. most definitely. boring and slow is the worst. xoxo