February 08, 2014

d.c. dished up in between

It became too tough, not working in the studio. Actually, I did start develop some serious mood problems. Poor husband, I have to say. And so, nothing better could have happened to me, than being invited to Stefanie Selter's drawing challenge. Calling for a daily project. As time is currently insanely limited around the Fishbowl, it had to be something small, but no less fun. The most exciting thing happening over the day right now, is most definitely food. The act of cooking or maybe preparing a simple sandwich, plus sitting down and taking a bite. Instead of taking a picture of what I was enjoying, I did little illustrations. One every day. None of them was allowed to require more than five minutes work. And all of them include a little note, on what ran through my mind while drawing. Can you guess?

P.S. If you like to see more about this drawing challenge, please jump over to the talented Stefanie Selter.

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  1. i think that it's just delightful! the drawing and the words come perfectly together in an {ever changing} mood and do become a little manifest of that fleeting moment. i like your style! n♥

  2. oh, these are fab. you should do more like these!!!

  3. I agree with Petra, you should do more of these, they are great! I want to see more of your drawings in color, yes!

  4. oooh.... these ar beautiful!
    pencil and paper and some color
    it's all you need to be happy
    so please, keep on making!

    Patrice A.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. this is weird. Carole, in no way I did delete your comment. your words were so precious to me!

  6. Your loose fluid lines converging together to create a marvelous visual image. Oh swoon! I love these so much. I feel like if I put my finger on top of the image that I'd feel slippery, or heat, or soft, and I'd also be able to smell the food. It's grand and wonderful. Love your work. :) Norma

  7. wonderful 5 minute art.
    even that can touch ones spirit i have learned.
    love the words you put with them.

  8. This is a fantastic idea and I love how your watercolors came out- so fresh and fluid. I have always had a thing for documenting the food I eat and usually I will snap a picture but this drawing idea is much better- I hope you continue it a bit more :)

  9. Die gefallen mir super in ihrer frischen Spontanität und sie haben etwas aus dem inneren Leuchtendes. Ganz toll.
    Die Stimmungsprobleme durch Nicht-Kreativität kann ich sehr gut nachvollziehen. Ich fühle mich dann immer ganz leer und langweilig - es geht einfach nicht ohne! Also am Ball bleiben, sieht doch auch sehr vielversprechend aus. Ich stell mir das cool vor, wenn du am Ende ein ganzes Buch voll hast mit täglichen Essens-Aquarellen, ein spezielles Tagebuch.
    LG aus HH barbara bee

  10. I can so relate to going a bit crazy if away forced away from studio practice over a considerable period, and like you, find the pleasure of even 5 minutes of drawing/painting SUCH a wonderful thing. The sketches here a fab. Happy week,

  11. great! I mean that´s it: do capture a tiny bit of time just for a bite and stroke - love your drawings!
    Meinen Augen schmeckt´s hier gut!
    Guten Appetit und danke für´s Mitmachen

  12. your 5 minutes paintings are very fresh and full of creativity. I love the relations between pictures and your thoughts.

  13. Was für tolle schnelle Bilder! Ich mag sie sehr, sie machen Auge und Gehirn Appetit und gute Laune machen sie auch. Mir jedenfalls, denn leckeres Essen ist für meine Stimmung mindestens ebenso wichtig wie Kreativität! :o)

  14. thank you for all your lovely comments. they mean a lot to me. and, though it is not clear where exactly this is going, I am growing on the idea, to make a series out of those food shots. stay tuned around here, if you like to see when it is happening. greetings to all of you from berlin.