January 20, 2014

queen of colors

I had a bit of a shy, or rather, a hidden week in the Fishbowl. You might have felt it even around here; I was hardly around. The husband and I are in the delight of website designing. And oh, what a tricky beast those are. But after being on our lists for at least two years, we have finally grabbed the bull by its horns and started. Right now, it is the site for ART.FLAVOUR, all cooking, recipes and booking forms, we're working on. By tomorrow, in case no further twists turn up, we will dive into mine. I can't wait for the moment, when questions about my homepage do not cause any more blushing on my face, because I am ashamed that it is so incredibly outdated. Other than that, I do miss my brushes, but first things first. I wish you a productive and inspiring week. If the view outside your windows in similar nasty to ours, forget about the weather and drink a lot of spicy tea.

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  1. Lots of tea is the answer during these dreary, cold grey days. Good luck with your websites, sounds very exciting.

  2. funny, I've been redoing mine since early last week and have been totally drawn in. can't wait to see both of your sites. let me know when they are kind of done, because, as we all know, they are never really done... xoxo

    1. never is the word, I guess. but as long as the old one is gone, I'll start dancing. the rest will follow. hope you're running smoothly with yours too. cannot wait xx