January 29, 2014

on small steps & the effect on growing

I know, I know, falling in love with Instagram comes a bit like an old fashioned fondness, as: "Hey, only now?". Kind of outdated, baby. Yes, I did jump on it pretty late, but for me it just stands for another step to getting closer. Getting closer to conquer all those technical construction sites, closer to shapen my online presence and to make myself seen, as I want to be seen. And, last but not least, closer to getting rid of all those so not productive compromises around the Fishbowl. Finally, I have a new phone. And within twentyfour hours I have managed to understand that pretty little thing quite well. A dose of pride attached. A Smartphone, that actually works and not one, that causes more problems and costs, than anything else. So, to celebrate all the fresh air and the clear sight surrounding me, from now on, you can come a little closer on @fishbowlcollection. Can't wait to meet you there. And next, one off the list, more to go. A little snowman in between.

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  1. I think IG is perfect for you, it is all about photo's and you make the most beautiful ones! And better late then never, right? It also took me some time and I doubted it for a long time until I read an article about it. Now I think it is great, I like it better then fb. So: welcome!!!!

    1. thank you, for this warm welcome and for your words. you've made me blush, dear. and you were right, I am having a lot of fun and getting even more inspiration on IG! greetings from grey berlin.