December 16, 2013

queen of colors

Last night, when putting together the images for the Queen of Colors, something felt weird. A bit of an uneasy feeling, a silent stirring. Though I couldn't put a finger on it, I've turned off the computer and abandoned the studio; finding myself on the couch, watching a movie halfheartedly. I didn't sleep well either. Early this morning we've got a phonecall, that one of the husband's uncles passed away during the night. We kind of expected this and I didn't know him very well, but it seems like this loss is bringing back a lot of unsolved issues to the surface. Things you have always wanted to talk about with your family, old wounds long forgotten and the knowledge, that sometimes people drive apart though they actually don't want this to happen. I find the idea of this quite hurtful and it makes me sad, to be reminded of all those lost chances, all those moments we could have done better. Maybe. I don't know. And so, this post comes with pictures, not matching the words written underneath. Or could it be, they do match perfectly and this is simply part of life; bright patches of red in the middle of a muted scenery. I wish all of you a good start into this week. Sorry, for kicking it of a bit thoughtful and deep.

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  1. oh. while watching the pictures first came into my mind: what a strange choice.
    than reading your words...
    times like this and others more happy and easy - so ist das halt.
    Hab dennoch auch einen guten Wochenstart!
    x Stefanie

  2. vielen dank, bisher wurde die woche immer besser. traurig gehört eben dazu... x annton

  3. Liebe Annton, erst heute lese ich, das auch ihr ein Familienmitglied verloren

    1. habt und es tut mir so unendlich leid!
      Bin in Gedanken in Berlin...