December 24, 2013

a chilled out start & more happiness

It already smells incredible from the kitchen; all cinnamon, soup and pomegranate extravaganza. Of course, the good life is a lot about food, when you're living together with a chef. Apart from that, we're keeping it low and relaxed. To me the holidays should be all about coming together with your most important people, about holding on and celebrating life, and even more about love. Maybe I am a hopeless Hippie at heart, but hysterical gift exchanges are simply not my thing. So for tonight, I will get lost in candle light, will miss the ones far away and dance a little. That is Christmas in Fishbowl Style

To all my readers; I wish for you exactly the same. As long as you celebrate these days; stop for a moment and look into what this life has to offer. And even, when things are a bit tricky, feel hugged from this crazys painteress, and try finding the good stuff. If you don't celebrate, have a drink on me instead and love life. Like there is no tomorrow.

Happy Christmas everybody!

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  1. You got it all figured out, that christmas thing! It sounds perfect! That crazy gift thing is not good and nice at all, I think a lot of us forget that. Enjoy your food, the candle light and the ones you love, dance the night away! Merry christmas to you too my dear blog friend!

  2. no christmas craziness here, and it was fabulous. the best non-christmas in ages. I see a tradition forming. happy holidays to you and Thomas and Emma. I hope you can enjoy some quiet time together xoxo

  3. I was never so relaxed like this year...

  4. me too, a hopeless hippie! :)
    merry christmas dear,
    (even though a belated one) and soon~a happy new year!
    with many new flavors and colors...

    big hugs