November 09, 2013

skin deep

"tongan poetry" by annton beate schmidt
"hall's arm" by alfred burton
"a woman's grace" by annton beate schmidt
"white terrace" by alfred burton
detail "landscape of a decent day" by annton beate schmidt
"tatooed moves" by annton beate schmidt

When reading about this week's drawing challenge of Patrice A., I simply couldn't let this one out. Tattos, especially Tā moko, the Maori ones, are constantly showing up in my work. Be it drawings, oil paintings or photography, the old traition of letting your skin tell your story, has simply caught me. Living in New Zealand for three years, has a fair share in this deal, of course. Not only had the country basically stolen my heart, but it's heritage of mystical stories and very strong traditions, never left me ever since. Aotearoa, you've become a part of who I am.

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  1. such a wonderful post
    both in photos
    and art
    i also love NZ
    i spent 6 months there
    and fell in love
    it was painful to leave
    now it is a rich memory

    1. thank you so much. I know what you mean; when leaving NZ, it almost broke my heart. or better, I have left a big chunk of it between the mountains and the lakes.

  2. What a rich and beautiful variety...
    The mood of mystery, pride and strength in your pictures totally got me.
    And beauty of course.
    Wonderful post.
    And thank you for giving me an idea of NZ, I'd love to come for a visit now!

    1. oh thank you so much for your words. yes, mystery, that nails it somehow. there is a secret part to NZ, that makes things very different to other, equally beautiful, countries. whenever you'll have the chance to visit, I can highly recommend it!

  3. I agree to tammie and tania, rich, beautiful and wonderful the landscapes and your artwork. I'm specially drawn to your drawing it is so strong and full of beauty. And last but not least jealous about you beeing for 3 year in NZ. I spent 6 month in Australia and loved it so much!
    Its good to incorporate your memories into your artwork.
    Liebe Grüße
    Barbara Bee

    1. dear barbara, like in your work, it would be impossible if I would let memories out. I actually believe, rememberance is the biggest part of what I do. does that sound weird? and please don't be jealous, as I am when it comes to Australia ;)

  4. Love your 'a woman's grace', liebe Annton Beate Schmidt,
    great drawing, and
    it even says it all what tattoos effects on (womens') face.

    Nice to meet you!

    1. thank you for your words and, nice to me YOU!

  5. a woman's grace
    so very beautiful....
    and your love for New Zealand
    sounds like mine for Australia
    and i only have been there once for 6 weeks....

    and your last image makes me ;^)))

    thank your for playing
    and sharing

    1. the last image was made during a pasific island festival here in berlin. this samoan woman, with the most wonderful tatooed legs, danced her heart out. thank you for coming up with a drawing challengfe, that was so close to my heart. it was a pleasure! x

  6. Wow! wonderfully rich photos and art work- they all flow perfectly between each other- the branch and the woman especially draw me in and the last photo- such movement and mystery :)
    Wonderful to "meet" you here and explore your blog!
    Best- Kristen

    1. thank you so much for your words! I loved you all coming over here, those challenges always make the most beautiful connections.

  7. i actually also appreciate how you interweave your work with alfred burton's whom i never knew before finding him here. and surprising to discover your passions. n♥