November 10, 2013

queen of colors

Everything comes with a different speed and some moments feels so slow,  the impatient part of me doesn't take it very easy. Though I know much better; what is slow in appearance, can actually move mountains in the end. And it might be, what this week was all about that. Besides, still drawing for the Fishbowl Calendar, besides spending the nights with Top of the Lake, besides getting back to that nasty throat infection and missing to meet my mother, because of it, besides all of this; I have made quite a big decision. Suddenly, in the middle of Friday night, things became cristal clear. After months of getting back and forth and forth and back. After many discussions at the kitchentable, finally I know where to head from here. It did come as a shock, a positive one, but still overwhelming. And it will not be easy, that is already sure. Also; I am sorry to be cryptic so far, things need to be kept inside for another while, but very soon you will learn more about it. Somewhere between big changes and little secrets, the next hours will be all about tea, deepening and maybe another strepsil, to soothen that throat. You stay warm and have a good start into next week.

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  1. i love how you share that moment with us. it doesn't matter that we do not know the details, just that turning point, that direction and horizon which crystalizes, it gives me hope just thinkging about it.

    can i taste that soup? looks hearty and comforting.

  2. thank you so much for your words, dear. and though things a still fragile, I have needed that turning point so desperately. but when I have tried to force it, it always went wrong and things became even more complicated than before. and that is exactly, why I feel the situation now is so precious.

    come over for that soup, please. any time. as it was good ;) hugs from berlino!