October 19, 2013

twenty things

"another lake, the same love" by the tiny fishbowl collection

Lately I have been reading a lot of these lists, Twenty Things About Me. As it had been so much fun and really inspiring to go through them, I thought, it might be fair to give it a try for myself.

 *There is no cosier sound to me, than heavy rains on the roof, while lying in bed, and of thunderstorms in the middle of the night.

Once in a while, I am struck by a serious case of Insomnia; a night owl always, then I'll just burst over from too much energy and won't hit the cushions before four or five o'clock in the morning. On other occasions, I simply think too much.

People with great singing voices, especially the edgy and rough ones, can bring me to tears. In no time. Music just gets me. Great that my sister is a singer, I guess.

Whatever kind of virus or infection somebody else will carry around (enough to be in the same room, even when it is a dancing hall), I will catch it within a second. This year, it is even impossible to count how often I did catch the flue or a sore throat. Looks like I am in desperate need of a boost of my immune system.

Before our Labrador Emma moved in, I was sometimes secretly laughing about friends and family and their love for their pets. Big change here. To live with a dog or a cat, changes a lot. (It is probably similar, when it comes to kids.) Special connections galore.

As long as I can remember, I have been living with a suitcase under my bed. Be it a real one, like when I was a kid, all pack with the stuff, I thought I might need to survive, or a virtual one, like now. I simply need the knowledge of an escape way. Always.  

I love listening to very classical, old fashioned Jazz. And my friends tell me, I have a thing for porn music too. They mean stuff like Bill Withers. Sometimes. Guilty.

Besides some other, seasonal addictions and annoying short term habits, I am officially addicted to Brussels Sprouts. Nothing hysterical, simply fried, with lots of sea salt and this every night of the week, you'll have a very happy camper.

The older I grow, the less I know where I wanna live. Probably, once you have started to live in different cities and countries, you will always leave a piece of your heart and start feeling homesick for many different places.

I will take it very personal, when someone is blocking my disability parking space in front of the Fishbowl. It almost makes me scream. Yes, it would be more Zen like and probably a lot more grown-up not to, but besides making my life more complicated, it is the ingorant part of such behaviour, that drives me crazy. Sometimes, it seems this kind of attitude is growing like mushrooms, only faster.

I prefer reading novels in English to German. Though I love the diversity and the deepness of the German language, English lets me travel into a story more easily.

I am somewhat of an open mind; I love welcoming new people and different livestyles into my day. On the other hand, once you have pissed me of, and I mean like really, deeply upset me, it is easy for me to turn around and never look back. Piscies dive deep, when wounded.

I am no tree-hugger. At all. But I have to admit, a walk through the woods or through empty fields charges my batteries like nothing else. As I grew up in a little "town" in the countryside, you will probably never get the country out of this woman. Though I love living in the city.

I have never believed in marriage and am still rather skeptical, but look at me, married for over tens years already. Maybe it depends a lot on your other half and mine is a challenge, but the best.

Though he passed away over 20 years, I still painfully miss my grandfather. Every day. He has been the first love of my life, I guess.

Chocolate, probably not the most unique love, but give it to me any time, in any shape and you'll be thanked with a big smil.

I have failed, when it comes to one of my life goals. When I was a teenager, I had sworn to myself to meet Willy Brandt. Unfortunately he passed away far too early. Some goals need adjusting.

Every year around my birthday, I feel like throwing a big party. It is like a need to hug the complete world and want to celebrate, I am still around. Then, on the actual day, I suddenly turn super shy and humbled. In desperate need for alone time. A lot of.

I have a serious crush on sharks. Dolphins aren't too bad either, but the strength and the secrecy of sharks is so much more attractive to me.

There is nothing that inspiries me more, but life itself and people. So, I won't stop here.

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  1. Like No. 3 and have the same feeling about No 13.....it's obvious, we're sisters.... *lol