October 21, 2013

queen of colors

Maybe this is because we all know, those greens and the warm weather will leave pretty soon and it will be winter in Berlin, but over last week, we took as many trips outside as possible. Maybe it came totally coincidental and we simply needed a lot of fresh air. There have been walks in the parc and around the corner, and a little real nature, including a visit to the new place of a friend, who has  recently moved close to Oranienburg. The car ride alone was absolutely amazing, I was truly stunned by the beauty of the landscape and by it's deepness. Somehow like an enchanted place; a bit sleepy and bit mystical too. I guess I fell a tiny bit for Brandenburg. Eventually, some would say. Alas, eventually, as I have wanted to own one for so long, a small, but very beautiful Mimosa moved into the Fishbowl. Everytime you'll you touch its delicate leaves, it will quickly contract them. Like a very shy little creature. Since I was kid, I've loved those plants and now, I live with one. Sometimes it really is the little things, right. Have a wonderful week and celebrate the tiniest moments of happiness.

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  1. :) love that blurry dog (?) of yours! going crazy in some green field.
    beautiful, how that plant reacts to touch. i remember seeing/touching the same? in thailand a lot.

    1. yes, it is emma going crazy in our friend's garden. she loved it; all wild with high grass, little mountains and a lot of mud. mimosas, I believe you'll find them all over the world. so fragile and still so strong! sending hugs from berlin.