October 16, 2013

all fall in the printshop

"post-explosion" by the tiny fishbowl collection
"doing it all again"
"a cup of yesterday"
"some grace for the picture maker"
"volume perfection" by the tiny fishbowl collection
The season has changed and it was about time to add some Fall Prints to the The Tiny Fishbowl Collection, the little shop I have created for this Blog. All the images have been shot for one or the other Blogpost and after simply collecting the pictures in a folder on my desktop, I've decided to work on them and put them up for sale. So here I am, with some sparkling new Fall impression. Jump over and have a look, I hope you like them.

P.S. My day had been much better, by the way. Thank you for all your notes and emails. Though it is an old trick, it always helps to hear, that you are not alone, when things are a bit misty and blue.

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  1. Your pictures are wonderful, like always.

  2. i can't imagine life without the gray days... colours only have meaning against the gray ;)

  3. I am absolutely with you on that. and no light without shadows.