September 16, 2013

queen of colors

This Monday finds me tired. Well, this is probably not the most inspiring opening for a new blogpost, and probably even less tempting, for starting off into another week. But this is simply, how things around the Fishbowl feel today. Mellow, concentrated and slightly tired. Tired hasn't to be bad though, when rooted in a lot of things done. There was a very special project, I am working on right now, and which I will post more images about, when it is all finished and nice. There was a lot of sleeping, again, more healthy food than the days before, and meeting my sister for cake and for dinner. This week awaits me with lots of appointments, as it is Art Fair Week in Berlin. I am looking forward for new faces, inspiring work and tons of creative encounters. And before diving into the world of the fairs, there are new business cards waiting to be designed and many, many emails to be answered. So feeling tired on a Monday is maybe not that weird, but the inevitable thing to do, when you'll find yourself between so many new things. Between all the magical things, that appear like a light blue idea of adventures. Have an exciting week, you guys, and tell me about what it is, that made you tired lately, in a positive way.

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  1. hey dear annton
    i was super tired from three days of intense meditation and going inwards..
    and i kept thinking that walking and sitting meditation from the outside must look like a luxurious holiday to some, but it is HARD and yet inspiring work. hence...i was and still am tired.

    love and hugs to you and your colorful moments,
    breathe and rest when you can.

  2. yeah, it seems we respect hard body work rather be responsible for getting tired, than the work of brains. or even the one of our hearts. well, those are different, of course, but the result can come off a bit similar. the luxurios p<art of it, is letting it, as it come. wishing you a bit more of that slow and the tired, in a good way!