August 24, 2013

unplanned breaks & a little silly

And then, somewhere in the middle of all that painting, planning and having a good time within all the buzz, a nasty infection stopped everything. A sore throat, ears in pain and a head as big as a balloon, has send me to the couch. Neatly tucked in. Well, I guess there is not a lot, one can do against this, but to go with the moment. And instead of being effective around the studio, I now enjoy homemade chicken broth, smile at the beautiful plant a friend has given me, and run a test with a temporary tatoo on my wrist. To find out, if I'll go all the way down tatoo lane, or maybe not. So far, I like it. A lot. I wish you a wonderful weekend and see you tomorrow, for the Queen of Colors.

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1 comment:

  1. your body trying to tell you to take it easy....
    i guess?!
    dear annton,
    take care and rest. is autumn knocking on your door?