August 21, 2013

one less on that list

Oh, those lovely lists. Sometimes there is nothing more delightful, as ticking of the most ridiculous, the most tiny things from one of them. Since I was a child, I remember my grandmother having those pralines on festive occasions. All fine with lots of chocolate and nuts. In big and colorful boxes, containing shiny, golden trays. But, I was never allowed to try them. Of course I wasn't, as the chocolate was filled with Schnaps too, and I was a kid of ten or eleven years. Rasberry brandy it was, for example. I even remember a commercial, that popped up, over and over again, which made me wanting them even more. But still, I wasn't allowed to try those treats. Then, like all of us, I became busy growing up and I forgot about my desire along the way. Only after many, many years, actually after we've returned from New Zealand, they've caught my eye again. Somewhere in the supermarket, my childhood temptations. The forbidden fruits. And then I forget about them, once again. Until last night. Doing some quick grocery shopping; I've decided, now or never, and finally I've bought a big box. Just like that and only for myself. Ok, I am feeling a little sick right now, but the pleasure of having finally done this, makes it up for it. A million times. What tiny thing is it, that you have always wanted to do and that you have missed out on so far? Go get it and do it. I promise you, it will be a lot of fun.

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