July 29, 2013

queen of colors

artwork by IAMTMNK
the brightest forecast

Last week ended in heat. It was so boiling hot, I couldn't bring myself back in front of the computer, once I had crashed on the couch. It is Monday morning and it is raining; with an air humidity probably around 80%. Not bad for Berlin, a city not located in the middle of some tropical area at all.

So, here I go, one day late, with another Queen of Colors. All red and pink, including an inspiring visit by Mr. Nobody, who I will have as a studio guest, by the end of this week. Finally, after eight years online, we did meet eye to eye and it was far better than great. Besides this happy encounter, I am still chewing on the business proposal we've got on Wednesday and which, if we had jumped on the wagon, would have probably included financial suicide for us. Or at least, an immense risk. Maybe I am totally wrong, but if people believe in the work we're doing at the Fishbowl and if they really want that certain kind of work, shouldn't it be them investingin us? Not us, investing into them first. What do you you think? I am not naive and do know, these things happen quite often, but now, that it did right in the middle of my studio, it needs a moment to get over with, I guess.

The best way to deal with it, will be putting those earplugs ín, turn the music up and get into painting and that is exactly what will happen for the rest of this Monday. Have a busy and creative week ahead, and never forget to dance.

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1 comment:

  1. Liebe Annton,

    auch bei uns mahlen die Mühlen langsamer als gewohnt bei den Temperaturen. Aber macht das was?! Die Ballerina auf dem Müllcontainer gefällt mir, genauso wie Dein Päonienbild als Tanktop. Habe leider nicht die passende Figur dazu ;-)
    Ich drehe jetzt ebenfalls ein paar Runden zur Musik und genieße die Ferien. Endlich Entspannung pur...
    Ganz lieben Gruß von Ria