July 25, 2013

food for thoughts

Sometimes, when the days get a little too crazy around the Fishbowl, food is always the one thing to bring me back on earth and level the drama. Kind of perfect, taking in account that I am married to a chef. So there is always food around. Some recipes in the making or a chutney boiling on the stove. And if it is not the husband flying around the kitchen, it totally chills me out, to cook something myself. Well, tonight I might need a little more food and cooking, to calm this artist down. First of all, it IS hot in this town. Boiling hot, so to say. No, no, I am not complaining, Summer is perfect, but it seems like people get a bit weird, the more the temperatures are rising. Some souls turn out, to become very mixed up. Plus, there is a lot on the agenda this week. As I have already mentioned, didn't I?! There have been very productive studio hours so far, some sales and, unfortunately a business proposal, that makes me super angry. Still, after having 24 hours to get over it. You guys know, I totally love, living the life of an artist, but sometimes the scene connected to it, reveals the most shallow and outrageous characters one could think of. In my wildest nightmares, I wouldn't be able to make such things up. Holy Canneloni! Concentrating on the brighter side, I am about to meet someone tomorrow, I'm looking forward to for a long time. So, probably, this is all kind of Ying and Yang. Strawberry ice cream next.

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  1. married to a chef? that's it, you officially live my dream life.


    enjoy your ice-cream...

  2. well, as I am a good girl, I do borrow him out. once in a while ;) the ice-cream was great!