June 18, 2013

the sunday before the heat

I am still not good at all, in taking pictures from my own events. Actually, I pretty much suck. There is so much to do and to think about in advance and when the visitors are popping in, there is never enough time. These ones, I made somewhere in between and though I am not in love with them, you might get an impression at least. The plan was to hire a photographer (do you remember, Céline?), but we've only decided days before the Neukölln Art Festival, to be part of it for one day. Too short of notice, to get someone to come around for taking propper shots. Besides the picture issue, we had a good time in the studio. Not super busy, but nice and easy. Friends and clients showed up, there was a lot of positive feedback and some sales too.

I do have to say though, 48 Stunden Neukölln has definitely changed over the years. Well, it is more the visitors, who seem to be different these days. There is more party going on than actual art watching. People basically crashed the streets during the beginning Friday night and were still happily drunk over Saturday, which I find a bit sad for all of us artists. Not sure where this came from and how things will develop in the future, but I liked my small cocoon of the Fishbowl, the bigger picture, despite some really good shows, had a few flaws.


  1. oh yes I do remember! but I have to disagree with you because I love the pictures you take! I always think they are beautiful, even if you don't show us the space or people watching your art. I still see whats important; your art and your eye for detail! so, you can come over and take pictures of my work!