June 30, 2013

queen of colors

All slow and quiet today. Last night had been a bit short and I have barely moved, since getting out of bed. I did, throughout the week, so I don't mind to stay inside the studio for the rest of the day. Dreaming of things I don't know yet and listening to some kitschy Island Tunes. I hope you're having a good Sunday too; maybe as lazy as mine. See you tomorrow.

And once again, as the Google Reader is shutting down tomorrow, there are different ways of keeping up to date with what is happening around the studio. If you like to keep going with the Fishbowl, you are most welcome to follow me via Email (the little box on the right side). 

Otherwise, you will find me

on F A C E B O O K          on B L O G L O V I N          on T W I T T E R  

It would be such a pleasure to meet you in one of those spaces! 

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