June 01, 2013

june calendar

drawing "june calendar" by annton beate schmidt

The weather can blame itself for not being mentioned here in an overexcited way.
I am excited about the month though; June is actually here. June, one of my favourites times of the year. Especially in this city. The big holidays are just around the corner and Berlin slowly fades into that special mode of going slow and easy, we'll have less crowed parcs and caf├ęs, you'll find ice cream everywhere and there will be early mornings, at the banks of the Landwehrkanal, watching the sunrise. The Turkish market around the corner, will be filled with the most colorful fruits, vegetables and flowers, and most of all, there will be music pouring from open windows down to the streets. Ok, call me a hopeless romantic, I don't care. June is simply the time, I've first laid my eyes on Berlin, so I guess my overfloating admiration is totally reasonable. So, here it is, another calendar page for you to download and to print out. Simply click on the link for June, choose a size and get your printer rocking.

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