May 27, 2013

queen of colors

Beyond any intentions, I have been experimenting a little on the black and white side, over the week. Bits and pieces from what has surrounded me. And here we go, once again it turned out, the colors that match the most, do find me. They seem to come naturally. This has been a week of clearing up ideas and of structure, a week of serious talks and of things taking on shape. I have been reading an incredibly sad and yet inspiring book, of which I have actually forgotten the title. And I have listened to the rain. A lot. As it was pouring down basically without a break. And because, I couldn't get enough of that sound. The weather and its music brought me back to the place I love so much. To the place, I might just call my home of the heart. How could that pictured in any other way, than in black and white. Now, to fulfill May's most prominent purpose, it is of to the woods, to catch some more green. Have a wonderful week and remember, the colors, most likely, will find you.

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1 comment:

  1. the colours will find you. now i have to keep my eyes open to see what's haunting me and then find out what that means. an interesting challenge...

    happy monday xxx