May 12, 2013

queen of colors

Another week has gone and it seems, the palette hasn't changed a lot. There is still a proper amount of green around. Maybe a little less spectacular and rather reserved, but everything in the Fishbowl is still about new beginnings and even more, about the time in between. This week has been busy, of course, and it taught me a lot. Next week will have to proof, if I understood. At least a little. And it will be about trying unknown things. Wish me luck, will you? I wish the same for you. And a little dancing. Of course.


  1. wishing you A LOT of luck,all the luck you need as a matter of fact!
    and dancing, always dancing...
    happy to be here again. it has been a while. and green and yellow's are top favorites at my place, always.

    viel spass!