April 04, 2013

the opposite of silence

This morning, when having my first coffee and the usual stroll through different kind of ideas and plans; I got caught by a little text, on the idea of silencing all that noise. Not music or a good conversation with a bunch of friends, but all that unnecessary stuff we tend to surround ourselves with. This was all about the chatter of people on the outside; people who have an opinion on what you do or people, who believe they might have to safe you. Probably coming with a bunch of good intentions and a lot of love. Though I would consider myself a pretty strong minded woman, this text stuck with me. All over, while painting, while reading emails and while trying to stay focused on the little pebbles; I needed to move throughout this studio day. Something about those words made me nervous and left a bit of an insecure taste on my tongue. I've chatted on the phone with a rather distant collegue, a friend called, talking about his financial fears to go on working as an artist and that maybe, we shouldn't proceed with that, and then, I needed to tell of a kid, actually more it's mother, for constantly knocking on the studio window. The mother got pretty angry with me and left, calling me hysterical. Well, normal big city stuff. And, all this did leave an effect on me. All the bits and pieces of those conversations slightly changed my mood, from driven in the morning, to hesitant in the aftermoon. They did influence the mood of moi, the strong minded woman. Of course, this is only an example and of course, we should not stop talking to our friends and family, but maybe, once in a while, it is good to be reminded of the fact, that not everything that people will tell us, is really connected to us. And that sometimes, it is much smarter to concentrate on your inner music and to silence the noise, that is not yours.


  1. it's a constant balancing act. we need/want input, but ultimately we we need to make our own decisions. I hear ya xxp

  2. @petra yeah, we're all struggling with this I guess. more and more I do come to the point, it is silence I want constantly, interrupted by noise when I choose it. very often it is the other way round and that is a tricky one.