April 14, 2013

queen of colors

And suddenly, between days so busy (we even didn't have a proper Sunday in the Fishbowl this time) suddenly it was Spring. After months with tons of grey, with snow and ice, and one or the other tear, just because I've felt so depressed by the lack of light, finally we can celebrate the first days with wide open windows. And with the Spring, it seems, everybody starts moving again. Over only seven days, we've visited Berlin's Street Food Market, we were guests at a special theatre premiere and there was wine with our favourite wine dealer. I've spent many hours painting, finished the last projects for my online class, while the husband went cooking for several huge events. And here we are now, Sunday night, a bit exhausted, but smiling. And putting another edge on this week's Queen of Colors, a good dose of super green, freshly made Ruccola Pesto with our Minestrone. Have another happy Spring Week, starting tomorrow.


  1. das fishbowl hat sich total verändert in den letzten zwei wochen...
    das pesto sieht yummie aus. grüße von ria

  2. I love that green colour on the wall. I've been sat at my desk next to a wide open window tonight, while the spring is doing its magic outside and I feel like the life has finally awakened. May these warm sunny days continue for a long time to come.

  3. ooh, fresh pesto, yes.
    we still have the grey skies here in Devon, but it's much warmer than it has been, so we're almost there.

    love the 3rd pic where it looks like jade.

  4. hmmm, the pesto looks delicious. so does the rest of your home. happy spring :)