April 07, 2013

queen of colors

And suddenly all things were different. Maybe not all of them, but like I have hoped for in my calendar this month, the music has changed. Big time. After a hard to chew on period of slow motion progress, dark, freezing days and a bit of a trapped feeling, the sun is back. A bit shy still on Friday, hesistant again the day after, but by this morning, she was there; powerful, bright and surprisingly warm already. This week's Queen of Color is dedicated to the sun, to the bright orange spots all over the Fishbowl. A week filled with a super fun online course (more about that over the next days!), with a surprise cake send by my mother to cheer us up, with another round of training lessons for Emma the Labrador, to become an Assistant Dog, and a week filled with many studio hours and successful steps on finishing the grumpy man, who actually isn't that grumpy any more. So, with all that sunlight in my face, I wish for her to stay a while and to make the upcoming week a bright one as well.  


  1. same here. the last two days were beautiful. and what a difference it makes :) wishing you a fabulous start into the week xxx

  2. @Petra yeah, you're right. do you know we had snow, 6 months straight, around here? typing it alone makes me shiver xxx

  3. It's wonderful how you always got fresh flowers around you!
    I want to do the same, we don't get much daylight in our apartment and on my office days I think that fresh flowers will make all the difference.

  4. @Liv Lundelius - thank you! now you're making me blush. yes, those flowers; I have made this a routine a while ago. especially in tricky moments it helps to cheer me up and to believe into the bright side.