March 31, 2013

queen of colors

Looks like we're not exactly going with the season around the Fishbowl. At least not, when it comes to holidays. It doesn't mean, we do not appreciate them, but while I have seen so many colorful Easter preparations around, our week went mostly brown. A bit of a dirty shade, in the rather tricky moments, and the more hearty one, when rolling delicious Topfenknödel, filled with rich Chocolate Pralinés. We got lucky with another amazing find, a vintage drawing table for the husband's office. The baby is heavy as hell, but it is even more beautiful. I am sure it could tell a lot of interesting stories. I have learned, that smoked Tofu is not exactly my thing and that going back to an unfinished piece of work, can be frightening, but equally rewarding. Brown can been quite eventful, don't you think. And then, to not let things fade out entirely monochrome, the week gave us bright pinches of orange on top. And in this landscape of a season, that seems not to be in the mood to finally start, maybe I wasn't totally right. Maybe we do go with the holidays. Maybe only a bit. And maybe without consciously knowing it. But as you might have alreadyas guessed, things that are happening without intention, are even more precious to me. Happy Easter, everybody. See you tomorrow, it will be time for a new calendar page.


  1. I want to steal your husband's drawing table, I need one just like that! :)

  2. happy easter,
    what a wonderful studio-office,
    the light...
    i do enjoy smoked tofu and browns here right now is the soil i am digging inside.


  3. Wow I love that table! I want, I want I want!!!!
    And smoked tofu isn't my thing either, actually: tofu isn't my thing.... I don't eat meat but I do not have the feeling or the intention that I should replace it. that's why I don't eat meat! I don't miss the bite and tofu is just....well...tofu;-)

  4. @Veronika I know we were superlucky! but actually, don't steal it, as I like his face this happy ;)

  5. @ sarapirat - happy easter to you too. thank you. when I shot the picture, the light was just perfect. you are right. as for the smoked tofu, I have marinated it and this just didn't work togehter, I guess. xxx

    @ celine schroeder - so sorry, but I cannot give that table away, a smiling husband is too precious ;) usually I love tofu in asian dishes. but as tofu, I am with you on that, not as some replacement for meat. this one just didn't work out for me. but there is chocolate tarte in the oven right now. and this is what it is, nothing else :)

  6. happy belated easter, if there is such a thing :) xxx