March 24, 2013

queen of colors

It started out very small and innocent. More of a supporting actress than a leading character. Pinches here and there. A little Hip Jam beside an Egg Sandwhich, the branch of a new sculpture, I have been putting up on the wall and it then ended, in an exlosion. With a big box of Beetroot Granité (the chef of the Fishbowl kicked me a little for naming it Sorbet before. Only because, he would need an ice maker for Sorbets and he hasn't. An ice maker, one of his secret dreams, I guess. So Granité it was.) I have not eaten such a marvelous thing in a long time. So, I am gladly making this firework the Queen of Colors this week. Who cares about the weather, anyway.


  1. wow, looks amazing. what exactly is it??? my compliments to the chef :)

  2. @ Petra I will tell him :) the first one though, is one of lo's marvelous egg sandwiches & the last a beetroot granité, we had on saturday. there is sort of a recipe in the comments to the previous post, if you like xx

  3. such intensity. seems so amazing on our grey days.
    a granite ay? will remember this post whenever i come across one!

    nice to catch up...

  4. and a little 'marie kex' hidden under the eggs,
    reminds me of childhood!

  5. @sarapirat I love the idea of childhood memories in my pics. the Marie Kex actually comes, because my friend, the café owner is Swedish ;)