March 10, 2013

on ending up puzzled

Recently I had written on how tricky and also, on how great it can get, when working on the same project as a couple. Well, so far so good. This time, things got very different. Don't get too tricked by the nice food (it made me survive actually) and be assured, Emma is nothing but super bored in the picture. Having an overly busy schedule NOT tied to the same project, but as two self-employed bugs in one household, is what these days were about. Usually great in supporting each other, this has taken a toll on me, and on the husband probably too. Holy Canneloni, I am still not quite sure what has hit us, but with me having a week filled up with tons of appointments, with extremely exciting and some hard to chew on news, and with him catering for a huge fair, plus managing another constantly growing cooking job for tomorrow, everything that normally works, simply didn't. There was no time for talking, no time for propper chilling, not even enough time for a decent way to sychronize our schedules. He made such an effort in trying to help me, when he actually couldn't and I have struggled to organize things, to make the days easier for him, leaving more of a big mess than anything else. In the end there was a good dose of screaming and arguing around the Fishbowl, which of course, didn't help at all. And which has left at least me, the husband is still producing tons of Fingerfood for tomorrow, a bit shocked. As it is more than predictable, that a week like this will happen once in a while, there is need for some serious talk and for looking very carefully into, on how to better organize times like this. One thought that has followed me throughout the complete week, was what would have happened, when there would have been kids to take care for too? A big shout out to all the couples, who manage that, on top of stressful jobs and besides running sucessful companies. You have my absolute and never ceasing respect, guys. Seriously. For now, I will take a long bath, licking my wounds and waiting for the busy husband, to finally come home. Only one more tricky day to go and it'll be celebration week.


  1. Ooooh..... that sound really heavy....but also very honest. thank you to write it down that honest and true....I makes me feel less like a horrible person if I can't seem to manage everything.... hope it's getting better by tomorrow in berlin!

  2. oh no, I hope it gets better soon. it's the end of winter. a right fricking drag. I guess everyone is at the end of their rope. time for spring and new beginnings.