February 03, 2013

queen of colors

My first thoughts about this week, have been grey. The sky was wearing this shade most of the time, with little sun, but much more rain. Coming back to it though, the days made a rather fiery appearance. Seven days with a lot happening. Constantly. This week's Queen of Colors has to be red. There were very powerful appointments, a lot of moving forward, a little anger and an unpleasant visitor, I had some quite brave moments, there was wine with a friend and finally, premature but no less powerful, thew first signs of spring. Everything felt really red and equally energetic. Finishing my Sunday routine in the Fishbowl, with coffee and paperwork, I am ready for another week, promising to become as eventful and as exciting as this one. "Bring it on.", is all there is left to say. "Bring it on. I will play you, cripsterstyle." Have a great week too.


  1. hmmm, I think I want a red month. can we make it the color of the next four weeks please?

  2. I'll guess we have to wait and see. red isn't too bad, as long as it is not only the fiery one. I am exhausted already ...

  3. vibrant red!
    i will borrow some indeed...
    seep it all in!