February 27, 2013

getting closer to some

A long day in the studio; a long day with paint, even more thoughts and some nice food. Much more effective than at first sight and not too bad, for another day with grey skies and with no sun at all. There are only a few more hours of this February left and high hopes for spring are carefully showing. March being the month of celebrations in the Fishbowl, with a birthday, our anniversary and a studio party ahead, looks super tempting right now. Almost as tempting as the golden pasta, waiting for me in the kitchen, for tonight's dinner. With freshly grated parmesan and a glass of red. To a Guten Appetit & to a wonderful night.


  1. The first thing I thought by looking at your pictures is that you want some sun! The golden colours just hit me, love the pictures and hope march get's better;-)

  2. you too eating broccoli i see.
    pasta and wine. me hungry!


  3. yum yum, now I'm hungry again :)