February 08, 2013

as expected, but so very different

By Sunday it was already cristal clear, the upcoming days are going to be some Killer Days. And what can I tell you, that is exactly what has happened; days packed like crazy. Some things went really nasty, like a broken wheel of my old wheelchair, other stuff was super great. Cross your fingers, if everything works out as planned, we're soon going to be the proud owners of some very nice Danish vintage furniture. I found them on the internet. For free. Can you believe that? On top, I have managed to finish three more prints, which I am going to put into my print shop tonight. Actually, I like them a lot and can't wait, what you have to say about them. The most important thing by now, I am ready for another night on the couch. Ready for tons of sleep and some hot drinks, to fight all that snuffing and coughing around the house. That is, because winter decided to have a comeback in Berlin. Not to my liking, but there comes the thing with the lemons and the lemonade. Have a cosy weekend everybody, or some excitement, depending on what life has in store for you.


  1. sounds like a chill has returned to many of us.
    sorry about the mishaps, but well done on the free furniture! i've tried to nab stuff like that here but as soon as it's advertised someone is there taking it!