February 14, 2013

a little loving & much more

Living together as a couple, can be tricky sometimes; working together as a couple, could be seen as the freestyle part for lovers. And the most difficult thing to do, as well. It's exactly this balancing act, that we're trying to manage at the Fishbowl. And believe me, it is tough to master. On one hand, I couldn't think of anything better, but designing and planning projects with the most talented husband. There is a lot of fun and glitter involved. On the other hand, sometimes I could simply go up the wall. Or make him do so. It is just not easy, to separate professional and private conflicts from one another. It takes so much respect and discipline, I fail more often, than I actually like to admit. So, for today being Valentine's Day, I love to thank that husband and colleague of mine, for all the patience, the energy and the inspiritation. It is the best to have you as a partner in crime. Though I am definitely not saying it often enough, Mr. B., you totally rock!

That cake above, was what we had at our favourite café this afternoon. It didn't only look amazing, it tasted even better.