January 17, 2013

the pink will pass

The greatest part in working with oil paints, is probably the fact, that the piece will undergo constant changes. Nothing basically stays like it is. When I first started using oil paints, this actually, has been the most scary part for me too. You'll work with layers, and different to all other painting materials, oil paint makes you start with the dark and bright the colors, while adding lighter and more muted ones throughout the process. Things can look pretty ugly in the beginning. Almost like a kids painting, but you gotta be brave and keep on rocking. It'll be fine. At some point. As another advantage of oils is, you can keep on working forever. Oil paint doesn't dry easy. So, when I came out with this weird, pink color themed, portrait over the last two days, it made me nervous only for a little while and then, I've decided to ignore the awkwardness and dive into it. Knowing by the last brushstroke, it'll look totally different anyway. Enough for today; I am dirty and the studio air feels heavy from all those turpentine fumes, hanging around. Off to the shower and for some heartwarming spinach pizza. See you tomorrow.


  1. I love seeing work in progress! thank you for showing us, and I'm looking forward to the finished piece. As I started to paint I used oil, because the teachers said so... for me it was weird to use acrylic, because it dried so quick. now I don't use oil paint at all....

  2. "dive into it" - it's all that's asked of us really.

  3. That's great! I loved painting with all sorts of material when I was little. I love the constant change you describe it's like life. So magical.
    This painting is already amazing!!!!
    My artistry itself is a transforming process, and I have used so many different mediums.
    Makeup really feels right, so does writing and photography-
    I am planning on trying to get into drawing and painting a little more again, it could really benefit my face charts. You inspire me.

  4. thank you so much, all of you!

    @celine schroeder I have changed only last year, back to oil, for the same reasons. acrylics, especially in summer, dry out too quick. and I kind of like the depth of oil paints too.

    @Monica B I know, but isn't it the most dificult part?!

    @Liv Lundelius so do you, inspire me. what a great exchange of sunlight! and yes, I have gone through so many changes according to materials too. as I have been working for the movies so many years and now, I'll get dirty all over and loving it too!