January 01, 2013

the echo of laughter

Nothing better, but the traces left after a great feast and a long night. And we had one at the Fishbowl, believe me. Everything is, of course, a little slow today, but we've started the fresh year with learning about Hot Fishes, a typical Swedish drink, with a fantastic bunch of people and we've finished it off with a good dose of Nicola Di Bari, whom I had never met before. I have to confess, there is a little crush going on from my side. All in all not too bad for the first hours of this year. Bring on the rest sweet life, we're prepared. As long as there is a lot of couch and even more music involved.

1 comment:

  1. oh, sounds and looks like you had a great night. I'm a bit sad that I missed it. maybe next year... happy new year to you. may your couch be soft and the music sweet xxxo