January 23, 2013

sliding through

Not a lot is happening around the Fishbowl these days. Emphasis on, around the Fishbowl. I am very busy in the studio, but as Berlin still has a good dose of snow, which doesn't go very well with walking on crutches, most of the time is spent inside. Actually, the snow isn't so bad, it is more about the icy base underneath, that makes it almost impossible to enjoy relaxed walks around the hood. I don't mind this too much, as these things happen, and I rather take them smiling and in Cripsterstyle, than getting frustrated. Emma our dog though, hates those moments. Of course. Well, hate is maybe a bit too drastic, but while the husband is out cooking and giving classes, she has to come up with a lot of patience. And I have to come up with a lot of funky games; like throwing the ball down the hallway, playing hide and seek with her favourite treats and one or the other exercise, to get her brain cells busy. If I'll wait too long before starting some action, she'll actually get quite moody (not that I do not understand!) and quite annoying, but after thirty minutes of intense playing, Emma is back to her usual chilled out self. Dogs can adjust to so many situations, it always amazes me. I am still sure, she is secretly looking forward to warmer days and a little grass under her paws. Until then, we'll go a little crazy and rock that studio.


  1. -10 here. I sure hope this gets better soon... I'm not a dog and apparently have a much harder time adjusting :)

  2. @petra me neither, whom are you telling this. and it goes on snowing...