January 24, 2013

for the sun of it

an art yet to learn
this is the picture of the sun
As the day didn't reveal any light at all, I've made some sun of my own. It's always best to get the story running by yourself. So now, I can proudly present some sparkling new prints in my Tiny Fishbowl Collection Shop. Images that have appeared around here and which I used as the base for a little picture poetry. I had a lot of fun with them and believe, they came out quite well. And the best part, Society6 is having a sale and when ordered until Sunday this week, the shipping will be free. Wherever in the world you guys might reside currently (oh, please don't tell me, if it's a place sunny and warm. no, seriously, you totally deserve all the nice things. it is just so freezing cold here! ).

Besides, I would really love to hear about your thoughts on the pictures. For now, I need a hot tea and some chocolate.

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