January 15, 2013

about the first day

Actually, yesterday had been the day, when I was supposed to return to the studio. No more Fishbowl office, but the real deal. Painting, painting, painting. Life simply doesn't like to play by rules and within the first hours, it brought so much unexpected things to our door, I gave up on getting creative by early afternoon. Next day, new chances and here I am. Preparing and scetching new work. There is not much to show yet, but I am still such a happy camper to be back. Including those beloved studio lunch breaks and a  very special Thank You Note, from someone equally special. The Fishbowl seems to still love me. I cannot wait, to return by tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Well...you say: not being creative, but again you made these beautiful pictures! Not paintings, but I would say: not bad for a first day;-)